Man using access control system pressing keypads

Why Access Control Systems Are Better than Keys

Security technology has progressed far beyond the familiar lock and key. While they still have their uses, keylocks are considerably less convenient, secure and efficient than electronic access control systems. Here’s why you should consider replacing your commercial building’s traditional locks with electronic access control solutions.


The Problems with Keys

Regular keys come with a host of potential problems. The most common issues you’re likely to encounter as the owner or manager of a commercial property include:

  • Lost keys. When a key is lost, there’s a lot more to consider than just the cost of having a new one made. The risk that the missing key falls into the wrong hands means you may need to change the lock and issue new keys to everyone.
  • Copy control. It’s nearly impossible to prevent someone from making an unauthorized copy of a key.
  • Delays. Any issue with a lock will require help from a locksmith, who might not be able to visit your facility for a few days, if not longer.
  • Lack of access history. The only way to keep track of who manually unlocked a door and when is to use a sign-in sheet or install a security camera pointed at the door, both of which are highly inefficient at tracking comings and goings.
  • Changing locks. If an employee leaves the company on bad terms or you know a set of keys was stolen, you may have to change all the locks. This process is expensive and time-consuming.


The Benefits of Access Control Systems

Electronic access control solves all of these issues. If an employee loses their access card, you can simply make a new one and deactivate the old one. This way, you don’t have to worry about who might have found the old card. It’s also extremely difficult to create unauthorized copies of access cards, and you’ll be able to keep track not only of when a door was opened but also who opened it. Finally, deactivating a card if a conflict with an employee gets out of hand is quick and easy.


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