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Video surveillance is often viewed only as a tool for retail store security. However, Honeywell's complete video solutions do much more than just fight shrinkage.

We help you solve a wide variety of problems across your whole organization. Video lets you create a significant return on investment that impacts many areas, including: loss prevention, marketing research, remote site management, safeguarding data, liability issues and claims, traffic flow analysis, and point-of-sale (POS) integration.

Loss Prevention

Honeywellʼs video solutions provide many security benefits that allow you to discourage theft and reduce shrinkage with their presence, while preventing recurring losses by allowing for quick and effective investigations. With specific links to time and location, retrieving incidents on Honeywellʼs high-quality recorded video is practically effortless. Honeywellʼs video solutions also let you protect the inventory that is the backbone of your business. Our solutions give you quicker access to recorded video events and take video from proof to prevention. The high quality of this recorded video, coupled with transaction data, makes it easier to discover trends and prevent losses. All of this can be done on-site at the store location or remotely from your office. Your video system is an employee that you can count on, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Marketing Research

Honeywellʼs video solutions help your organization generate greater revenue by giving you a better understanding of your customersʼ behavior. Your marketing department can use the video and transaction data to more profitably serve your customers, while video from your retail locations can be analyzed to find specific product placement and traffic flow areas that need improvement. Video can also provide demographic information to help your marketing team better target consumers. Video confirms that displays (banners, end caps, etc.) are properly installed and kept up-to-date.

Video can also be provided to your suppliers to give them a better understanding of your customersʼ buying patterns and help them better manage any leased space, such as a kiosk. This service generates revenue that helps pay for your video solution.

Remote Site Management

The ability to view all sites from a remote location means that everyone who needs access has it – wherever and whenever it is necessary. This video is available in real-time, when event-driven alarms will alert the appropriate people and, after the fact, when it can be pulled from archives. With so many potential uses for the video, you will have a lot of different people who need to access this information. Honeywell makes sure this is easy for you. A single loss prevention specialist can monitor an entire organization from anywhere; a team of marketing people can check the success of their promotions from their desks; management can check employee behavior from headquarters. Your video is more useful because it can be used for more – remote site management saves you and your organization time and resources.

Safeguarding Data

By centralizing information management, your organization safeguards critical data and protects itself against the loss of crucial information, whether due to mismanagement and/or criminal intent. Video data can be stored at a location with multi-level security access, while local access can be limited to the appropriate people. This centralization simplifies day-to-day management efforts, simplifies staffing issues and streamlines the process of getting the right data to law enforcement and the courts.

Liability Issues and Claims

Video gives you protection against liabilities. With video evidence of an incident or alleged incident, claims can quickly and appropriately be investigated and verified. Video also allows for proactive evaluation of possible OSHA violations and documentation for Human Resources investigations. Honeywellʼs video solutions provide tamperproof, encrypted and watermarked video that can be copied securely and saved for however long you need it to protect your business.

Traffic Flow Analysis

Analyzing traffic flow is done for a number of reasons: to reduce liability issues, to improve sales, to reduce wait times and to improve customers’ overall shopping experience. Only video analysis can reveal where people go in your store and the path they take to get there. Honeywellʼs video solutions provide crisp, clear images that let you see this, either remotely from your office or from another location.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration

By tying the video record to the transaction data of the cash register, you can easily sort through exceptions and determine which transactions are genuine and which are suspect. You can also use the video to verify that proper procedures and checks are being performed. The POS data can then be analyzed for trends, and the video used to verify actions and provide concrete proof of wrong doing.



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