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Security Alarm Keypad With Person Disarming The System

Honeywell’s Total Connect system is a remote, subscription-based service package intended to grant peace of mind to business owners by providing constant monitoring, remote access and control, customizable notifications and ongoing alerts. This is a service that’s available to owners of Honeywell security systems.


If you’re wondering whether it’s a good fit for you, you should know that Honeywell offers various levels of service. Here’s what each offer:


1. Alarmnet Cellular – IP Communicator Service

This service adds a cellular or IP-based means of communicating with your security system. It can be especially useful if using a phone line is either impossible, impractical or not secure enough. This level of service provides an additional secure relay from your alarm to the monitoring service. Thus, it’s only usable with a professional alarm monitoring service.

Note, however, that if you have Honeywell all-in-one panels, such as the Lynx series, this service level does provide additional protection in the form of the Advanced Protection Logic feature, which makes breaching the system harder.

2. Total Connect 2.0 Smart Security

This package provides the same services as the previous one, with the addition of a smartphone app that lets you control your system remotely as well as receive notifications and alerts. It allows you to arm, disarm and monitor your security system from your smartphone or internet browser. It’s also possible to keep track of non-alarm events in up to 50 zones.

3. Total Connect 2.0 Smart Home Security

This service is marketed toward residential users who want to add home automation functionalities to the existing features of Honeywell’s Total Connect system. The addition of Z Wave compatibility as well as voice controls make this possible. It could be a great investment for a home business.

4. Video Services

The Total Connect Video Service, which is a stand-alone product, can be added to your overall security plan. This can be used without a subscription to the other Total Connect services and while it functions natively on Honeywell Total Connect IP Cameras, conversion kits exist for analogue equipment.


5. Security systems in Calgary and Lethbridge

If you want to upgrade your security system or convert to Honeywell’s Total Connect system, you can rely on the experts at Guardian Security Solutions. We carry a variety of brands and can help you install, maintain and monitor your commercial or residential security system. Contact us today to learn more about our services.



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