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A person deactivating their alarm system by entering their pin code

After World War I, crime spiked throughout Canada and the US. As people became more sensitive to security needs, they began developing new ways of protecting themselves and their property.

In the early stages, homeowners could ‘subscribe’ to a security service made up of night watchman who would go around at night and shake subscriber doors to ensure their lock was activated. Soon, insurance companies began offering discounts to subscribers and a consumer demand for alarm systems was born.

As time went on, more sophisticated security alarm systems became available. Advanced models used electromagnetic contacts attached to doors and windows which connected to a battery and sounded bell. These burglar alarm systems linked up to police and fire departments through a central monitoring station. If an alarm was triggered emergency personnel were dispatched to the location.


Video surveillance enters the picture

In the 70’s video surveillance became a hot new commodity in security systems. Early models used large, clunky motorized cameras that moved down a track to keep an eye on the exterior of a home. They transmitted grainy images of visitors inside to a stationary television monitor. It also acted as the control panel where homeowners could use an intercom to communicate with visitors and activate a door lock switch or alarm button.


Fast-forward to today

Surveillance cameras are now tiny by comparison. As small as one square inch, they are now outfitted with powerful lenses that capture and stream high-definition video over the internet to any personal computer or mobile device and can be viewed from anywhere in the world.


This advancement in security camera technology has not only provided better alarm systems to residents in Calgary and Lethbridge, but has also opened up a host of other ways to implement home automation technology.

  • Medical monitoring. Modern security cameras available in the Calgary area bring wellness monitoring to a whole new level. Security alarm sensors placed around the house can detect the activities of an elderly or disabled loved one. It will alert you if there is an unusual lack of movement in the house. These can even alert you if your loved one has forgotten to take their medication.

  • Home energy management. Smart homes use modern security systems to manage your thermostat from any personal computer or mobile device. Going beyond heating and cooling systems, you can also control electrical appliances, lights, door locks and garage doors using your security system mobile app.


State-of-the-art security monitoring

At Guardian Security Solutions, we take pride in providing Calgary with high-tech alarm systems designed for today’s busy lifestyles. For more information about our security and alarm systems, contact us in Lethbridge at 403-320-0770 or in Calgary at 403-233-7454.



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