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An opened door with the keys inside a lock

Inaccurate assumptions about break-ins and the behaviour of burglars can leave blind spots in your security system. The best way to protect your home is to ensure you’re prepared for a variety of scenarios. Here are six common misconceptions about burglaries.

  1. Burglars strike at night Movies and TV shows often depict thieves breaking into a home under the cover of darkness, but burglaries are a lot more common during the day. Since most people are home at night, intruders tend to wait until the middle of the workday to avoid encountering residents.

  2. Thieves slip in through the back door The front door is actually a common point of entry for burglars, and many opt for the garage or a ground-floor window. Your back door should certainly be monitored and well-lit, but any potential entrance should be secured.

  3. Dogs prevent break-ins A large, loud dog will deter certain thieves, but owning a pet isn’t a reliable form of home security. Some burglars bring treats to preoccupy the dog, and others aren’t afraid to use force to subdue your pet. A dog shouldn’t be considered more than a first line of defence.

  4. Burglaries happen quickly If an intruder knows you’re at work or on vacation, there’s no rush to leave. In fact, it’s not uncommon for burglars to raid the fridge amidst their ransacking. Luckily, you can take advantage of this nonchalance with a monitoring system that promptly dispatches emergency personnel to your home.

  5. Your home won’t be a target The reality is that burglaries happen often. In 2019, Calgary police recorded 2,863 residential break-ins between January and August — an average of nearly 12 burglaries per day. Although no home is immune to theft, a sophisticated home security system can drastically reduce the likelihood of a burglary.

  6. Burglars don’t strike the same house twice Many people feel on edge after a burglary, but few really believe it’ll happen again. Unfortunately, if your home proves to be an easy target, thieves may be encouraged to return for more. That’s why it’s never too late to install or improve a home security system.



At Guardian Security Solutions, we’re committed to providing individualized security and alarm systems that suit every customer’s budget and needs. Our products include outdoor security cameras, motion sensors and home automation systems. For more information or to schedule an installation in Calgary or Lethbridge, contact us today.



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