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Access control systems use a combination of hardware and software to limit access to commercial facilities. They can also be used to restrict access to specific areas of the building and monitor employee movement. Here are three things to consider when choosing one.

  1. Type of facility Most businesses and organizations can benefit from an access control system, but the components will vary depending on the size and primary use of the facility. Some areas of your business will likely need a higher level of security than others. A warehouse full of expensive merchandise will need to have keypads or scanners at all points of entry. An office building, on the other hand, might only require a passcode to enter the room containing confidential records. More extensive systems also include monitoring and recording features.

  2. Employee traffic An access control system should protect your facility without hindering its day-to-day operations. Take into account how many employees will use the system and how often. For example, biometric scanners provide secure authentication for sensitive areas but tend to slow down productivity when placed in high-traffic areas. The components of your access control system will also depend on whether you want to provide employees with different clearance levels. You should also ensure the system you choose can easily accommodate more employees as your business expands. Don’t forget to consider access procedures for visitors and deliveries.

  3. Security budget Access control systems vary greatly in cost and capability, with components ranging from keypads to biometric scanners. In general, inexpensive systems use simpler technology and include fewer features, but they’re still a viable option for many businesses. You can also save money by integrating a new system with your facility’s existing hardware, such as an indoor CCTV system. It’s also important to keep in mind that the cost of an access control system goes beyond purchase and installation. Once installed, someone needs to manage the server and operational policies must be put in place. You should also take into account future servicing and upgrade expenses.



For many organizations and businesses, selective access is a must. At Guardian Security Solutions, we offer a range of commercial access control systems to suit the needs and budget of your Calgary business. Whether you want to restrict access to your records room or set up a lone worker monitoring system, our trained technicians can help. For more information on our security systems or to schedule an installation in Calgary, contact us today.



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