Security camera monitoring a condominium

7 ways to improve security at apartment and condominium buildings

Security in apartment and condominium buildings is an essential service provided by landlords and property managers. Residents want to feel safe and know that their property is protected. Here are seven ways to improve security at your apartment building or condo complex.


1.    Improve lighting.

Abundant lighting at all entrances and parking lots effectively deters criminals, giving them fewer hiding places. Lights with motion sensors save energy and can scare would-be burglars when they suddenly illuminate.


2.    Install security cameras.

All apartment and condo buildings should have outdoor security cameras and indoor CCTV systems to track anyone entering and exiting the building. It’s a good idea to place cameras at strategic locations for the most extensive coverage. Many professional security companies offer Calgary properties 24-hour camera monitoring and surveillance.


3.    Schedule a security assessment.

Seek advice from an expert who works for a certified, reputable security company. An experienced security agent can inspect your property, identify weak areas in your building’s security and offer solutions using state-of-the-art technology.


4.    Use an access control solution.

Residents in buildings with access control systems carry swipe cards instead of keys. They can use these cards to enter the building and common areas. The cards leave a digital log of who entered and exited the building and can give you a real-time manifest of everyone inside the building. Another advantage of using access control is if a card is lost, you can quickly reissue a new card without copying keys or changing locks.  


5.    Incorporate security landscaping.

Landscaping can play a valuable role in deterring crime. Reduce potential hiding places by keeping all bushes and hedges less than one metre tall. Moreover, planting thorny bushes around the property’s perimeter can add an extra layer of security.


6.    Create a remote area for deliveries.

As online shopping and deliveries increase, so does the number of people entering your building. Create a remote area where delivery drivers can drop off items for residents without entering the premises and ensure a security camera system monitors the site.


7.    Foster a security culture.

Encourage your residents to get to know their neighbours by organizing community events. When residents know and recognize one another, it’s easier to identify unwelcome visitors. Additionally, residents are more inclined to report suspicious behaviour.



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