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4 Ways a Break-in Can Affect Your Business

Commercial break-ins happen every day in Canada, causing millions of dollars in damages and stolen merchandise. However, you can’t calculate the actual cost of break-ins by dollar amounts and insurance claims alone. Robberies can have far-reaching effects that can impact your business for years. Here are some factors to help you calculate the actual cost of commercial break-ins and why investing in a professional business security system is so valuable.


1.  Financial loss

The most obvious cost of commercial robberies is the loss of valuable merchandise and damage to your building. Luckily, you can replace these items through commercial insurance claims. However, filing a claim can increase your future premiums. A 24-hour monitored security surveillance system with fast response times limits how long thieves can be in your business and restricts how much they can steal.


2.  Loss of reputation

If you store customer items at your business, losing them to theft could destroy your reputation. Moreover, if you hold sensitive, private client information digitally or in paper format, you may have to contact each customer and let them know about your security breach. A break-in can erode trust between you and your clients, which can take years to rebuild.


Installing a video monitoring system in your business allows you to see precisely where the thieves gained access and confirm if customer information was breached.


3.  Lost opportunities

A break-in at your business will result in downtime as you repair any damage and replace stolen items. During this time, customers may go to your competitors. You may also have to cancel appointments with people who may have become lucrative, long-term customers. Partnering with a certified, reputable commercial security company will result in faster response times, minor damage and less downtime.


4.  Low morale

The violating nature of a break-in can hurt your employee’s morale. This is especially true if someone robbed your business while staff members were on site. Low morale can reduce efficiency, lead to more sick days and cause an overall loss of employee engagement.


However, showing your employees that you take security seriously with cameras and alarms will let them know that you’re concerned about their health and safety.



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