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Preventing Workplace Violence With a Commercial Security System

As an employer, nothing is more important than the safety of your staff. It’s an unfortunate fact that workplace violence is fairly common in Canada, with about 350,000 incidents occurring every year. This article details how the right security system can help keep your employees safe. 


What Is Workplace Violence?

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), workplace violence refers to any incident in which a person is assaulted, abused, intimidated or threatened at his or her place of work.


What Job Factors Increase the Risk of Violence?

Violent incidents can occur in any workplace. However, it’s worth noting that certain workers have a higher risk of being exposed to violence. According to the CCOHS, those involved in the following activities are particularly vulnerable:

  • Working with the public
  • Handling money, valuables or prescription drugs
  • Providing service, care, advice or education
  • Working with unstable or volatile people
  • Working in businesses where alcohol is served
  • Working alone or in small groups
  • Working in isolated areas
  • Working late at night


How Do Security Systems Decrease the Risk of Violence?

Video surveillance, access control and lone-worker monitoring are among the most effective security solutions for keeping your staff safe from violent incidents.

  • Video surveillance
    The 24-hour monitoring of CCTV surveillance equipment allows security personnel to observe and respond to violent incidents as they happen. It also acts as a strong deterrent against violence. When potential offenders know they’re being videotaped, they’re less likely to act aggressively or commit crimes.  
  • Access control
    By having total control over who can come and go from your premises, you significantly reduce the risk of a violent intruder entering your workplace. Access control can include multiple clearance levels and be used to restrict access to various parts of the building.
  • Lone-worker monitoring system 
    Lone-worker monitoring systems like SoloProtect are security devices worn on the body like an ID badge. If workers feel unsafe, a simple button allows them to open a one-way or two-way call with an emergency dispatch centre or raise a red alert to send for help. Thanks to the device’s state-of-the-art GPS, the worker’s location can be precisely pinpointed. 


Commercial Security Systems in Alberta

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