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How To Ensure Your Corporate Offices Are Secure

Implementing effective security measures in a corporate office is essential, as these spaces often house cash, expensive equipment and important documents. Furthermore, reliable security measures can help employees feel more at ease. Here’s how to ensure your corporate offices are secure.


Illuminate the premises at night

A simple but effective change you can make that will enhance your corporate office’s overall security is to install security lighting around the building. A well-lit building will deter potential intruders and ensure that anyone working late can see if someone approaches.


Transition to a commercial access control system

Commercial access control systems, such as ones that uses employee ID cards, can be installed in office buildings to make them more secure. Only authorized staff members will be able to enter the office, and the machines that read the cards can keep track of who enters and when. In a case where you need to revoke someone’s access, you won’t have to worry about chasing after them to get their key back. Instead, you can simply delete their access approval from the system. This level of control over who can and can’t enter your office is a game changer when creating a secure environment.


Install alarm systems

An alarm system is a great place to start when looking to enhance office security. A locked door can only go so far in protecting your assets. Alarm systems provide an extra layer of security. If an intruder does make their way into your building, the alarm may scare them off. It’ll also alert the appropriate authorities to come and investigate.


Indoor CCTV

CCTVs record around the clock and the feed can be viewed from anywhere. If a crime is committed on your premises, the captured footage can be used as evidence that will allow you to persecute the culprits. Additionally, the presence of security cameras can be enough to discourage criminals. Our team can help you identify the best places to position the cameras to maximize the security of your corporate office.


Fire alarm, access control and CCTV services in Alberta

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