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What Elements Can Make Your Building More Vulnerable To Crime?

As the owner or manager of a corporate, commercial or residential building, you’re probably all too familiar with the pressures associated with keeping your building secure


However, taking the time to learn what elements make your building vulnerable to crime can help you make improvements. It gives you the opportunity to be proactive and allows you to banish weak spots.


The building is dark at night

In the dark, criminals find it easy to move around without being spotted. One of the best things to do to keep your building secure is to light it up at night. Keep intruders at bay by ensuring your building is well lit.


The property is isolated

If your commercial or residential building is in a secluded location with few other buildings around, it’ll be more vulnerable to crime than one that’s surrounded by other buildings. This is yet another factor that can make it easy for criminals to trespass onto your property. As such, it’s important to invest in security measures for buildings in isolated locations.


There are expensive items visible

Valuable possessions act as an incentive for criminals to target your building. If you have any expensive tools, machinery, vehicles or other items stored on your property, be sure to double down on your security measures.


There are blind spots

If you use security cameras, you may still have blind spots. These give criminals the opportunity to remain unseen, meaning you may not realize a crime is being committed until it’s too late. You can minimize the number of blind spots on the premises by installing cameras in these locations.


There’s a lot of traffic

The more people who pass through your property, the more opportunities there are for a crime to be committed. This is especially true of retail locations, where shoplifters may be difficult to spot in the crowd. In these types of businesses, it’s a good idea to hire security guards and install security cameras so you can easily monitor the merchandise.


There are no security guards

Your property might be an easy target if you don’t have security guards onsite. Hiring professional security guards will discourage criminals from targeting your building.


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